"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

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Pinnacles, Western Australia

‘Diamonds of the Night’

Western Australia’s Pinnacles are a place I have only ever photographed under a clear night sky and it is not hard to understand why. Situated two hours north of Perth, the skies are very dark and on a clear night, they are filled with stars, galaxy’s and the Milky Way. The landscape itself has always felt a little otherworldly to me and in my eyes, works so well under the night skies. I had captured this pinnacle once before but didn’t get what I was hoping for so a return trip one night was in order. Photographing the night sky has its own set of challenges but the results can be very rewarding!




This black and white, lone tree photograph, is something that I feel needed to be part of my collection. A simple, clean photograph of farmland here in Western Australia, just outside of Perth. I love the space in this shot and felt a black and white rendition would suit it. On this particular day when I realised the flat white skies were going to be around for a while I decided to drive out of town to photograph this tree that I had passed countless times on camping trips over the years. I think maybe I should have done it sooner!


On the hunt

Well im coming toward the end of my time at university and am so excited to be thinking about my next photograph, not my next report!

I have been itching to capture something special over the past month and it really starts to burn. I captured this shot earlier in the week in a spot that is right against one of the coastal roads yet very very secluded in the same sense. It was great sitting here with the waves rolling into this little spot I found. This shot should give you an idea of what i watched!

out shooting… on the 400d

Well the life of the uni student really hits home when you save money for a camera over a 2 week uni break only to realise that it will all go to living expenses due to uni rather than the intended camera….. but not to worry! I still love photography and got out today for some more b&w stuff! 🙂

so here it is

year old photos

Heres a pic from canal rocks that i tool last time i was down south about a year ago now.

Gettin Close

Heres a couple macro shots i took last night! Havent done any macro stuff since year 12 and i love it so much. Its great for nice simple abstract images i think 🙂

Expect a few more of these in the coming week!

More of Nedlands, and More Smiles on my face! :)

This is another shot from the other afternoon down on the river. This was the last shot of the day a few minutes after the colour had left the clouds.