"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

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Pinnacles, Western Australia

‘Diamonds of the Night’

Western Australia’s Pinnacles are a place I have only ever photographed under a clear night sky and it is not hard to understand why. Situated two hours north of Perth, the skies are very dark and on a clear night, they are filled with stars, galaxy’s and the Milky Way. The landscape itself has always felt a little otherworldly to me and in my eyes, works so well under the night skies. I had captured this pinnacle once before but didn’t get what I was hoping for so a return trip one night was in order. Photographing the night sky has its own set of challenges but the results can be very rewarding!



New West Australian Beach Photograph

I had planned on doing a bit of a road trip to the pinnacles on this particular evening however the conditions just weren’t what I wanted for the shot I had in mind. I was still itching to get out and capture something as I hadn’t been out yet in 2013! The business side of things has been busy 😛

I made my way to the amazing Burns Beach and after scouting a few spots I returned to this one. It is a frame I have been waiting to capture for months now, just needed the right tide level and waves big enough to pour over the rocks and rush through the gap, but not completely drench me (although my gear was rather damp by the end of it)

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