"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

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Sugarloaf Rock – a different perspective

‘Sun Kissed’

I always want to capture a unique image if a location has been photographed by every man and his dog. One thing I typically do is not look at a lot of other images that way, when I arrive I can see it without other peoples images in my mind.

It took a number of attempts to capture this Sugarloaf Rock photograph. I had this idea of capturing Sugarloaf Rock as the mornings first light reached over Cape Naturaliste and hit the top of the rock. My first attempt went fairly well. I had big swells, great light, but no clouds. I returned about a month later and on the first morning had the light, but not enough swell or clouds. The following morning I was feeling confident and when I arrived to see the conditions, I was thrilled. Big swell and clouds in the sky. When the light hit the rock I was wrapped! This particular frame I am so happy to have captured. Being setup near the water and low with my wide angle lens can always be risky. This particular wave nearly swept me and my gear in for a swim. As it crashed I hit the shutter and as soon as it finished lifted the tripod up in the air and held on to some rocks. I didn’t realise I had captured this until I got home. Waiting for these to return and hopefully have conditions line up was all worth it!





Point Picquet, Dunsborough


Point Picquet is a stunning bay located along Cape Naturaliste in Australia’s south west region. The Cape has dramatically contrasting coastal scene on either side. The West facing side coping the brute force of huge swells, while the bay-side are calm, crystal clear waters with white sandy beaches, protected from the elements. Every time I am in the area the colour of the water still impresses me. This particular day was no exception, blue water, blue skies, and some nice clouds in the sky. Capturing this image I walked out into the water and setup my tripod so that it was almost completely submerged. I just had to keep an eye out for incoming waves to be sure I didn’t give my camera a bath.


Meelup Beach Sunrise

Meelup Beach is an amazing spot and on my last trip down south a few months back I decided to head there for sunrise. The colours weren’t great and didn’t work well for this scene so a black and white conversion was in order! I love the results! What do you think?

Canal Rocks Photograph

Conditions at Canal Rocks were awesome and I captured this sweet black and white shot. The waves were sweeping right over the jetty where I was standing and my shoes were drenched as well as my shorts!
‘The Passage’

Another Yallingup Photograph

Well I have another cracker from Yallingup! I love this place and am stoked that I now have two keepers from there. This shot was taken before the previous post. Shooting directly into the setting sun certainly is challenging but if you know how to tackle it, the results are dramatic!

Hope everyone likes this one!


After having not been out shooting in weeks and having not been out of the city in even longer, I was starting to get frustrated. So I was stoked when me and my girlfriend headed south again over the weekend. I love Western Australia’s south-west and I dont think anyone else could say otherwise.

Each time I go there I have a location and photograph in mind that is my goal for the trip or until I get it. This time it was the popular surf beach, Yallingup. Im stoked with how this shot turned out and hope I get to see it printed soon! I have been to Yallingup many times but never photographed it the way i wanted due to lousy conditions. The conditions were perfect this time!

Meelup Beach

Meelup Beach is a favourite of mine! The water on a sunny day is unreal. The red rocks just top it off really 🙂