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Sugarloaf Rock – a different perspective

‘Sun Kissed’

I always want to capture a unique image if a location has been photographed by every man and his dog. One thing I typically do is not look at a lot of other images that way, when I arrive I can see it without other peoples images in my mind.

It took a number of attempts to capture this Sugarloaf Rock photograph. I had this idea of capturing Sugarloaf Rock as the mornings first light reached over Cape Naturaliste and hit the top of the rock. My first attempt went fairly well. I had big swells, great light, but no clouds. I returned about a month later and on the first morning had the light, but not enough swell or clouds. The following morning I was feeling confident and when I arrived to see the conditions, I was thrilled. Big swell and clouds in the sky. When the light hit the rock I was wrapped! This particular frame I am so happy to have captured. Being setup near the water and low with my wide angle lens can always be risky. This particular wave nearly swept me and my gear in for a swim. As it crashed I hit the shutter and as soon as it finished lifted the tripod up in the air and held on to some rocks. I didn’t realise I had captured this until I got home. Waiting for these to return and hopefully have conditions line up was all worth it!





More Decisions

well again i am posting the same shot in colour and b&w…. well its actually just the rock that is the difference between the two! This shot worked real well for me… initially due to the noise i disregarded it but after having seen some ripper shots with noise and blur and all the rest i thought this one would suite. For the first time in a long time i think i prefer the colour version! 🙂


Yearly Progress

Well I havent had any photos to process lately and then i came across my first ever shot of Sugarloaf. This is the third time this image has been processed and again it is different to its previous versions. It is interesting to look at the three images and see how my photography has changed and improved.

This time around I may have copied some ideas from none other than Eastway. In fact this image is my attempt at getting a similar affect to that of his award winning image of Sugarloaf. I do have the magazine which he showed the steps he took to get his image, but i couldnt find it so i did it on me own, and am very pleased with the result.