"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

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Point Picquet, Dunsborough


Point Picquet is a stunning bay located along Cape Naturaliste in Australia’s south west region. The Cape has dramatically contrasting coastal scene on either side. The West facing side coping the brute force of huge swells, while the bay-side are calm, crystal clear waters with white sandy beaches, protected from the elements. Every time I am in the area the colour of the water still impresses me. This particular day was no exception, blue water, blue skies, and some nice clouds in the sky. Capturing this image I walked out into the water and setup my tripod so that it was almost completely submerged. I just had to keep an eye out for incoming waves to be sure I didn’t give my camera a bath.



Japanese Maple Tree


With my camera underneath this Japanese Maple Tree I was able to capture the leaves that appear to glow in the ambient light after the sun had disappeared behind some hills. The branches of this tree reaching out provide a great contrast to the bright greens of the leaves and grass around it.


Fairy Falls, Oregon

‘Fairy Tales’

This photograph of Fairy Falls was on my second hike up this particular trail. It is quite a steep track but when you arrive at these falls it is all worth it. They are named very appropriately. I love the way the water appears to burst out from the forest above. I had never photographed or even visited a forest like this before and just couldn’t believe how stunning it was.


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Reflections on the Colorado River of sunrise light hitting the walls of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. I photographed Horseshoe Bend the evening before and decided to get up at 4am to photograph it at sunrise too so I could see it under both lighting conditions. This place is massive! I was shocked by its size and its beautiful smooth stone.


Antelope Canyon


The different colours and textures of Antelope Canyon. They are noticeable to the eye however the camera is more sensitive to these differences in colour temperature. Photographing Antelope Canyon was an incredible experience and I was almost intimidated by its beauty and nervous I would fail to capture it. However I came home with a number of photographs that I love from this visit and cannot wait to one day visit more slot canyons in the south-west of the United States.


Burns Beach at Dusk

I am wrapped with this shot!

Sometimes all the elements just come together and an awseome place becomes a amazing scene! Last week at Burns Beach, the weather was awesome and I was so stoked to be out shooting! This was taken after my previous post after the sun had set and the beautiful dusk glow set in! I have seen people finish shooting as soon as the sun is gone but it is quite often that the dusk light is just as good as the sunset, if not better! This view was great! Soft hues in the sky a bit of sea mist off in the distance, all I had to be patient for was the rare wave big enough to fill this break in the rocks and create the little waterfall!



City Beach

Here is a shot I captured of some magnificent water colours down at City Beach last week. Wouldnt guess by looking at this photo that this is the middle of Perth’s winter!