"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

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Antelope Canyon Photograph

This photograph of Antelope Canyon captures the intense glowing colours created by the reflected light, red sand stone, and beautiful light beams making their way to the canyon floor. This was a place I had been keen to visit for years. I knew it would be stunning but as I walked into the slot canyon it really did take my breath away. It was even more stunning than I had imagined.



Punchbowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls photographed just before dark in the Columbia River Gorge. The hike to the falls is beautiful and at a good pace took me about 45 minutes. The colours in this forest are staggering and it was what I had been waiting years for seeing as I had never visited a lush moss covered rainforest. A place that was awesome to visit and have to myself for a while. During the hike back 3 deer jumped out in front of me which in the dark certainly made me jump!


Come and Find Me

I am fortunate enough to have spent plenty of time in Michigan at family reunions out on Hamlin Lake. The Manistee National Forest surrounds it and this year I found some compositions I really liked. This one I particularly like and loved photographing this particular area. The mosquitoes were insane so I had to click the shutter then keep moving!

‘Come and Find Me’


Lancelin Sand Dunes

Yesterday afternoon my partner and I headed up to Lancelin to photograph the sand dunes, a 90 minute drive north of Perth. The conditions did not suit the shot I was planning on looking for, so I looked for something else. Came across this compositions as we were about ready to go. It was quite dark by this stage but the view looked otherworldly.

Sara was a trooper, walking through the dunes with me and getting completely sand blasted! We had the dunes to ourselves too.

Was a really fun night and hope to be doing it all again soon!

‘Night’s Dawn’


Canal Rocks Photograph

Conditions at Canal Rocks were awesome and I captured this sweet black and white shot. The waves were sweeping right over the jetty where I was standing and my shoes were drenched as well as my shorts!
‘The Passage’

North Cottesloe Beach

Here is a photo from North Cottesloe Beach. I hadnt been out in a while, and I had actually planned driving up North Beach way but the clouds that way were looking rather boring. This spot is getting popular with other photographers there and we were all shooting near each other… which is why I prefer shooting with a spot to myself, dont have to worry about getting in other peoples shots and dont have to worry about them getting into yours!

Bright, Victoria

Here is another shot from the Autumn trip to Bright Victoria. This tree had the most vibrant colours and contrasted so well against the super green grass! It was such a bright and colourful scene. Love it!