"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams



This black and white, lone tree photograph, is something that I feel needed to be part of my collection. A simple, clean photograph of farmland here in Western Australia, just outside of Perth. I love the space in this shot and felt a black and white rendition would suit it. On this particular day when I realised the flat white skies were going to be around for a while I decided to drive out of town to photograph this tree that I had passed countless times on camping trips over the years. I think maybe I should have done it sooner!



The 12 Apostles


This 12 Apostles photograph is a composition I had envisioned and hoped would be possible before ever visiting the location. I was so happy to see that the setting sun was going to line up right in between these two apostles. After photographing rainforests all day in the pouring rain and even hail, the skies cleared just enough to get a good sunset. I wanted to go to the 12 Apostles and capture a photograph different to the look out panoramic view I had seen many times before. What a stunning drive the Great Ocean Road is, with a stunning coastline and waterfalls scattered through the forests just inland.


Photographing Beauchamp Falls

‘Beauty of Beauchamp’

Beauchamp Falls photographed in ideal conditions. The whole day it was raining and cold and at sometimes it was even hailing. Might not sound ideal but for this kind of scene it was perfect. the forest was stunning. So lush, soft lighting and the rain allows the forest colours to really pop. It just meant numb hands and waiting for brief moments of lighter rain to get the camera out and set up the shot before packing it away again out of the rain. I was blown away by the stunning forests and waterfall scenery a short drive from the stunning coastline that the Great Ocean Road follows. What a spectacular part of Australia to visit and photograph.


Japanese Maple Tree, Oregon


The setting sun bursts through the leaves of this Japanese Maple Tree in Portland, Oregon. Some of the trees were still greener at this stage while some had turned. With the sun back lighting the leaves they appeared even more yellow which worked in my favour.


Antelope Canyon Photograph


Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona is a spectacular place to photograph. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit these slot canyons and witness the spectacular glow that is found within them. ‘Arcadia’ captures the variance in colour temperatures within the canyon that are seen more dramatically by the camera as the intense warm light reflects off the background walls and the foreground rocks appear in much cooler light. A stunning location that I do hope to visit again one day!


North Beach Photograph

I had this moody photograph of North Beach along Perth’s coastline in mind. I captured this and it had the exact water movement that I felt was important to the shot. I then returned the following night and set up the same composition however got a much more colourful sunset. At first I thought that would be great, but after looking at the files I realised I preferred my original idea of a moody scene and the colour from the second night just didn’t do much for me.

‘Just a Thought’


Multnomah Falls, OR

This photograph of Multnomah Falls of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge is a very simple clean black and white rendition of these massive falls. These particular falls are popular among tourists. I avoided capturing the upper portion off the falls to avoid the bridge. This simple composition is of the lower section of the falls. Columbia River Gorge is filled with stunning waterfalls tucked away in the beautiful rainforest. Such a spectacular place that just amazed me!