"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams


Japanese Maple Tree, Portland

This maple tree in Oregon really is quite brilliant! As with a number of the others I photographed there. Though t black and white would help really enhance the trees branches against the back-lit leaves. What is interesting and often hard to tell from the photos it that this tree is really quite small! You can’t even stand up under it.



Bear Creek, Colorado

Bear Creek photographed as the final light of the day reflects off of the distant cliff face, creating a warm glow throughout the scene. I love to revisit this waterfall just outside of Morrison Colorado and am sure I will again next time I visit Colorado.


f11 Magazine Feature and Cover

Hey everyone!

Please take a minute to check out my cover image on the new November issue of f11 magazine and my feature article at this link! 🙂


Soul Dance – Antelope Canyon

This photograph of Antelope Canyon located within Navajo lands of Arizona captures the colours of this phenomenal place. The smooth sand stone has been eroded over thousands of years by wind and flash floods. The result is remarkable! Light shafts from the midday sun create surreal moments. A local Navajo Indian threw sand into the lights path and my capture reveals a figure that in my eyes looks as if it is dancing in the canyon. Also notice the where the light reaches the ground creating a unique love heart. This place really blew me away! It is a location I will never forget!


Lancelin Sand Dunes looking surreal

This is what I set out to capture on my recent trip to Lancelin’s sand dunes. Very similar to what I captured on my first trip there, but I knew I had to try it again for technical reasons, but also thought it would work well at sunrise. I was able to capture the stars on this clear morning along with a soft glow from the sun that still sat well below the horizon. It was a very early start and was certainly colder that I expected but sunrise at this place was pretty damn fun and I am wrapped with the results!

‘Dawn of the Dunes’


More Black and White Photography

Here is a photograph I captured over the weekend. I couldn’t help process it in a similar manner to the previous post as the conditions were much the same and I was so wrapped with how my previous photograph turned out!

This stretch of coastline really does have some great spots but often a little cramped compared to locations north and south of Perth. It just means finding a small section of the beach to focus on and excluding plenty of the scene, this brings a sense of space to the photograph.



Road Trip!

Just returned home after a week over East. Spent a few days traveling across the beautiful Victorian Country side with my Dad. We took the long road so we could see some amazing locations. However the only spot on the way that caught my eye for a great photograph was this little gem.

This little old barn had so much character. It felt as if it had been forgotten and was simply aging. It was tucked away under this amazing tree that in my eyes felt as if it was sheltering it from the rest of the world. The green leaves and moss contrasted against the shed and fallen leaves so brilliantly I was stoked to have simply stumbled across a location like this one!