"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

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Antelope Canyon Photograph

This photograph of Antelope Canyon captures the intense glowing colours created by the reflected light, red sand stone, and beautiful light beams making their way to the canyon floor. This was a place I had been keen to visit for years. I knew it would be stunning but as I walked into the slot canyon it really did take my breath away. It was even more stunning than I had imagined.



Antelope Canyon Photography


The dramatic colour temperature differences seen in Antelope canyon. The camera records these tonality difference slightly more dramatically than the human eye making for a striking photograph. I have never seen glowing light quite as brilliant as I did here in Arizona.


Chief of Antelope Canyon

‘Chief of Antelope Canyon’

This unique rock formation in Lower Antelope canyon takes the appearance of a Indian chief. It is quite incredible what natures forces have managed to create. The flash flooding also makes this a dangerous place. On a clear day though it is truly beautiful.


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Reflections on the Colorado River of sunrise light hitting the walls of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. I photographed Horseshoe Bend the evening before and decided to get up at 4am to photograph it at sunrise too so I could see it under both lighting conditions. This place is massive! I was shocked by its size and its beautiful smooth stone.


Soul Dance – Antelope Canyon

This photograph of Antelope Canyon located within Navajo lands of Arizona captures the colours of this phenomenal place. The smooth sand stone has been eroded over thousands of years by wind and flash floods. The result is remarkable! Light shafts from the midday sun create surreal moments. A local Navajo Indian threw sand into the lights path and my capture reveals a figure that in my eyes looks as if it is dancing in the canyon. Also notice the where the light reaches the ground creating a unique love heart. This place really blew me away! It is a location I will never forget!


Horseshoe Bend

The sheer size of Horseshoe Bend is overwhelming. Standing on the very edge of what looked like a 50-60m straight drop had me nervous, but being that close allows for the best view of this brilliant scene. The Colorado River below meanders its way across Arizona and reflects the final light of the day. The beautiful smooth rock formations have a brilliant glow about them just after the sun sets below the distant horizon.


The USA 2013 Collection

Well it has been a while in between posts or new work for that matter. However I have been very busy. I have recently returned from the most succesful photographic trip I have ever been on and the new pieces are waiting for you right here

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