"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

Bit Moody

Hey everyone!

Like I said it’s time to get this blog rolling again as another uni semester draws to a close and my photography world starts to explode with activity again! I am absolutely itching with excitement to get out and shooting something stunning! Luckily, I am off the the states in a few weeks and it looks like a stop through denver is on the cards! Denver has to be one of my favourite city’s in the states that I have visited thus far. Its not insanely large, and its minutes away from the stunning Rockie Mountains. The mountains cause dramatic cloud formations and weather patterns which makes each day exciting cause I have seen storms brew up in a matter of minutes over there!

I havent been out on a sunrise or sunset shoot in maybe a month and its painful! I do however have a few photographs still new to this blog that I would like to share and here is one of them. It is a 3 image stitch on the 5d mk2 and was an awesome evening. The light was not overly exciting but the water movement was which worked perfectly with the blue stormy skies. The water movement I wanted to get just right, not only for stitching purposes but also to have some emotion to it. I didnt want it just all washed out like a 30 second exposure does, but more painterly and to still show movement.

Hopefully I will get out shooting very soon and with some nice light I will have some brand spanking new photographs to post up!



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