"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

Perth Skyline

Last night I captured this shot of the city and got up for sunrise this morning down at mends street jetty. Conditions havent been ideal but I am certainly addicted to shooting at the moment with only four hours sleep last night I still got up for sunrise!

This morning wasnt to flash as the river wasnt glassy like i hoped but i did learn to capture the image i wanted with some decent dynamics i need to shoot that scene left to right rather than right to left which I thought would suit. Shooting right to left I thought would help balance the image more as the exposure times were long but with the sun rising to my right these long exposures allowed the sun to rise too much each frame creating a flat boring image. Left to right i feel would work better so one side is kept dark while the other brightens which better captures the early morning light.

Anyway heres the image from last night….


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