"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

More of Saturdays Storm!

Heres another shot from saturday at Cott. Its a crop of a single frame on the 400d so again a small file with limited print sizes, but i feel sometimes its best not to get all caught up in the pixel bullshit of photography (as handy as a lot of pixels are) and just worry about gettin a ripper photo! This shot is something i quite like as it is very simple which is something i feel i have been lacking in the editing side of things. Having little more to shoot around Perth and often average light i always feel that cause i sometimes come home with average pics i should just photoshop the shit out of them, which is all good and fun, but this photo had a lot less editing and therefore has a great natural, timeless (thanks to the b&w) feel to it which i really like.

Any one been out shooting much lately?

Happy Shooting!


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