"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." Ansel Adams

New York, New York

Well got into New York at 10am yesterday morning (saturday) and went straight to the city and spent the whole day there with my aunties friend who has been an amazing tour guide. Did the same today but spent most time on broadway to see ‘Jersey Boys’ which was awesome and the actors (who come out onto the street aftwards for signing) told me it would be over on Australias east coast soon. So if you are over that way it is very much worth seeing. Then after that saw ‘Cirque Dreams’ which also was incredible. After that I tried some times square photos which was a task with all the people and the intense light!

Wanted to make it to a Yankee game since this is ‘Old’ Yankees Stadiums last season but they don’t play tomorrow.

Went down Brooklyn last night and had a shoot of Brooklyn Bridge which was awesome. I have a photo that is just about ready to post.

I leave the US on Wednesday, so will be back some time on Friday in Perth…..

Happy Shooting!


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